Fancy Nominating an Irish Blog?

I have just noticed that the nominations are now open over at to nominate the best Irish Blogs of 2010. Should you know of any, ahem, Irish blogs which you think are deserving of a nomination to win massive kudos, the oppurtunity of a trip to Galway and possibly a KitKat, do have a scroll and fill out your nomination in the appropriate area/s.
If you would also like to point people on your own blogs in this direction so they can see how great somebody might be and how deserving of kudos/Galway/Kitkats then, y'know, feel free.

Carry On.


Anonymous said...
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sarah said...

you`re IRISH?!


Anonymous said...

I asked you months ago what DSLR I should get and now I can't find what you said (or where you said it).

Are you in the mood to repeat your wisdom?

Theo said...


By an odd coincidence, HWKE is technically Irish. He doesn't want to be though. He doesn't like it.

Durdlin, wisdom, eh? It's a "how long is a piece of String" question. Sony gives you a lot for your money but has fewer lenses, Canon are probably the best generally but you are paying for it. Nikon are good but you get less than the Sony will give you for the same price. Which sort of level are you looking at? Entry? Mid? Full Frame? *shows off* Another thing to bear in mind is that the camera is only as good as the lens you stick on it. If you are torn between spending extra money on the glass or the body, go for the glass.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I did as much research as I could stand and ended up going with Nikon.

Theo said...

Nikons are good Durdlin. Good luck with it.