Pumpkin A-Go-Go

Although I may have complained at length about the children who saw fit to disturb my isolation the other night, this does not mean I am totally immune to the pleasures of the faux holiday that is Halloween. I do quite like creating a three sided pumpkin masterpiece for my windowsill.
I confess, I did cheat rather. The templates I have appropriated from http://www.familyfun.com (the pirate) http://www.jamminpumpkins.com (the gravedigger) and http://www.scissorcraft.com (A Gingerbread my and My Neighbour Totoro?). Thanks to the people across the interwebs who worked hard and created these free designs so I didn’t have to.

Pirate Pumkin copy

Pirate Pumkin copy from http://theohrm.vox.com/

Pumpkin Gravedigger copy

Pumpkin Gravedigger copy from http://theohrm.vox.com/

Gingerbread Pumpkin copy

Gingerbread Pumpkin copy from http://theohrm.vox.com/