Best. Farmers Tan. Ever.

To be honest, as this is the 100th post, it ought to be a little bit special and I had half a mind to leave it for some reflections on being 28 on Wednesday but as I haven't yet given up all hope that I will be lying half cut in a gutter somewhere by then, you shall just have to have this instead.

Ladies and Gentleman, I give you, He Who Knows Everything....


Dad from

Maybe it is the jaunty leg pose, maybe it is the enourmous belly, maybe it is the rather distressing fact that this is the front garden...

Whatever the reason, you can see why all the girls love him.


sarah said...

he is so cuuuute! :) i love bearded dads with musical theatre like poses

tell him i say hi!
and his tan is... just... awesome!

PS 100!!!! comgratulations !

Theo said...

Cute? Ngh... I'm not sure anybody has ever used the word cute in assosiation with a 6ft tall semi-naked bearded brummie before but I'm glad you didn't let it stop you.