Blogs win Prizes

Ordinarily it takes me a certain amount of effort to think of something to write about on this blog. Amazingly enough, not every single day of my existence is filled with unusual and blogworthy events. You’d have thought the universe could be a bit more considerate than that, but there you go.
Happily, the lovely Sarah over at (check her excellent blog out for the latest in Japanese Kitkat flavours and general Japan based amusement) has awarded me, your gracious host, the Awe-Sum blog award. This makes me Awe-Sum, which is a phrase deserving of a jaunty exclamation mark if ever I saw one.

The rules run as follows: I list seven things that make me awe-sum(!) and then pass the award on to seven other people whom I consider to be worthy.

Here we go:

1) I am a genetic mutation. Really. Mammy has blue eyes while He Who Knows Everything has brown. Mine are green. If I didn’t look so much like the Paternal Welsh Aunties I would probably be a bit suspicious by now.
2) I can recite my family tree back to the 1530s. That is back to the reign of Henry the Eighth, history fans. We’re a little bit posh I’m afraid. Highlights throughout my family tree include being hideously insulted by Jane Austin, naming children King when their surname was Fisher and getting murdered on the Isle of Mann. Granted this doesn’t make me personally awe-sum, but I am part of my family and, frankly, will never come up with seven things otherwise.
3) I can move my left eye independently of my right. It is quite painful but jolly useful for impressing boys. Next!
4) I am perfectly capable of holding a conversation while fully asleep and have done on several occasions. I suspect it is connected to my (very infrequent) sleep walking. This is a useful skill I would recommend you all master, although I would also advise you try and learn how not to answer a ringing phone in your sleep. Otherwise you will inadvertently agree to things without thinking them through first and people will assume you only speak in monosyllables.
5) I failed my first driving test with 6 major faults. I then failed my second with only the one minor. Driving into white van men one roundabout before the test centre is not allowed, apparently. I also scored a fat one hundred percent pass on the theory test. Not a total failure then.
6) I am a cruel and heartless daughter. Mammy broke her foot last year and was in a wheelchair for two months. She was deeply unhappy at being so confined to chair and bed and unable to do anything without assistance that I immediately went to the bookshop and got her a copy of Stephen King’s Misery to read. I also got very annoyed with her at one point and wheeled her out onto the decking and left her there. Even Mammy could see why I did it. Upon reflection, she may have just been saying that so I would bring her back inside out of the chill wind and growing drizzle.
7) I have moles everywhere. If you ever need to identify my charred remains, check my ears for two on my right and one on my left. I don’t know anybody else who has moles on their ears. It is ridiculous. I also have one on my right palm at the base of my middle finger. Were I a contortionist, I could probably create some cool dot to dot body art. As I am not we shall just have to wait for a willing volunteer to step forwards and see what they can create on me.

There we are. Seven things. Madam Merrywhether, Donna, Strider, Jo, Aimee, Lily and any board ladies reading… I CHOOSE YOU!


sarah said...

theo theo! i so very desperately would like to hear about your family history! i love that kind of stuff. i could have happily lived out the rest of my days as a nerdy history professor in a dusty library!

also - there is a very attractive man who rides the same train as me in the mornings - i call him `the face` because his face is so pretty. and he has 3 moles on his upper cheek bone and i so would love to draw a triangle between them with a black pen!