Mammy: Do you remember that hamster you used to have?
Me: Yeah… Mrs Tiggywinkle.
He Who Knows Everything: Mrs Tiggywinkle?
Me: I think I may have been a little confused between hedgehogs and hamsters. I was only 7.
Mammy: Did you love her?
Me: Yes.
Mammy: Your friend killed her you know.
He Who Knows Everything: I’m not sure she did. They don’t live very long.
Me: Well that one certainly didn’t. I don’t think it helped that you then put her in the airing cupboard.
Mammy: I’d read an article in a magazine! They can sometimes go into hibernation and need putting somewhere warm. I thought it might help.
Me: How did you think mummification was going to help a dead hamster?
*longer pause*
Mammy: It might have done.


darkman said...


Theo said...

But always with mad hair.

sarah said...

i named my first bird `pony riser`

i wanted a shetland

got a bird

childhood was sad :p

Theo said...

Were your parents planning some kind of hypnosis to make you believe it was a pony?

Actually, that sounds like a gap in the market. We could save parents hundreds of pounds and years of being hated with this scheme.

sarah said...

my family are `bird people`... isnt that sad? it means that years of family holidays in the Kruger Park looking for lion and elephants, we were THOSE people, who slammed their cars to a stop to stare at a purple breasted dinglehopper whilst other safari-goers behind us craned their necks to look at what they thought could only be a leopard or some other exciting thing.

we were THOSE people :p

so i got a bird because birds were what we did!!

shouldnt complain too much! had a myriad of pets - including, after long last, my horse... but when i was 4 and i got a budgie... i cried

Theo said...

At least you didn't have to work up to it from a tank full of snails. Snails were free. My dad liked them for this reason.