New Shampoo

As you can probably guess, I’m not really a girly girl. I don’t like pink, I don’t go “squee” over cute pictures of dogs or babies and I know all about the gold standard. Because I am not a girly girl, I don’t pay that much mind to lotions and potions and other things designed to part me from my hard earned dosh while making me irresistible to good looking men. Given my plans for Valentine’s Day, maybe I should start.

While a bit on the chunky side and the possessor of magnificently crazed hair, I am at least confident in my ability to leave the house makeup-free without causing people to recoil in horror or small children to tug anxiously on a parental sleeve asking “Mammy, what’s wrong with that lady’s face?” Mind you, I often have headphones in so they may already be doing this and I just haven’t noticed.
The thing about being on the chunky side, especially when you are a teenager, is that somewhere along the line there is an idea that it is okay to inhale donuts if you have a great personality and/or fantastic hair. Once you accept that only a world famine will cause you to ever see a UK size 12 again, you settle down and begin to cultivate one of these aspects of yourself, enjoying donuts as you do so.

Anyway. For some months now I’ve been using the John Freida “Chocolate to Espresso” Brunette shampoo. I bought a large quantity of it due to complicated reasons involving vouchers and a desire to Stick It To The Man (the Man in this instance being the man in charge of Tesco). In combination with the oats I eat, this has produced a head of very dark and shiny, if demented, hair.
Then I was in Boots. While in Boots I noticed they sold henna shampoo but it was not just any henna shampoo, it was shampoo with henna from Kew Gardens. Feel free to make impressed noises… now.

The nice thing about henna shampoo is that when I use it, it encourages the natural copper highlights I always claim my hair has without having to pay Niall the hairdresser enormous sums of money. The down side is that when you are in the shower, the tiles end up looking as though you have inadvertently sacrificed a small goat in there.

It is actually a very good time for encouraging my hair in a Ginger direction. Mad curls are already shaping up to be a big Look this year and with Paxman’s program on Victorian Art, the other one about the Pre-Raphaelites and the film Young Victoria coming out in a matter of weeks, I see chunky girls with red hair becoming very desirable indeed.

A girl can hope, right?