There are many questions in this world which, frankly, do not get asked half enough in my opinion. The single most unasked question must surely be “My word, what is this marvellous place of comical whimsy?” Well fear not, good person! Such a question need not continue to not get asked because here is your answer!

This is A Trivial Blog For Serious People.

It is written by Theo (the girning bint on the right). She is Welsh but came to live in Ireland an increasing number of years ago for reasons that presumably made sense at the time. She describes herself as being “charmingly unattractive with slightly mad hair” and occupies her days being an artist, blogger, property developer, photographer, scribe and pedant.

This blog is concerned with whatever Theo can manage to form a mostly coherent sentence about. Occasionally it’s about the Arts; sometimes it’s her Opinion; often it’s about Thing Going Wrong.

Whatever tortuous chain of events led you here, know that you are very welcome. Theo hopes you enjoy your visit and see fit to return at some point in the unspecified future.
Please do not take things here too seriously. It’s only a trivial blog after all.

The legal bit

The body text and images used in this blog, unless otherwise stated, are the property of Theo and may not be republished for commercial use without permission. All views stated are Theo’s own.
If you have enjoyed this blog so much you would like to syndicate it elsewhere, please get in touch via electronic means (atrivialblog (at) gmail (dot) com) expressing your desires.
Theft of text or of images will not be tolerated. Theo is very good looking and clever; She WILL find out about it. Eventually.

All comments are welcomed. However, comments which are Racist, Sexist, Misogynistic, Homophobic, Excessively Profane, Spam or Bullying will be deleted as soon as I notice them. Likewise, the use of terms such as “Retarded” or “Gay” to express displeasure with something will earn you my unyielding contempt. Like Ringo, I say this to you with Peace and Love… Peace and Love…