Hmmm, Freudian...

I would have sat bolt upright at around midnight last night and said words to the effect of "I think I may have posted a blog implying I want a boyfriend who is just like my dad." I would have but the cat was on my chest and it was enough trouble breathing let alone sitting upright. She has been suffering from hollow legs recently and refuses to stop eating. I've threatened to shave the words "Wide Load" into her fur but she ignores me.

Anyway. Just so you know, I don't. The very idea that there could be two of them in the world is terrifying beyond belief. He is even more boring than I am and I say things like "The really interesting thing about the N64 is that it didn't draw things that weren't there" and I mean it. He doesn't watch the Rugby and is far too fond of the members of his family who have been dead for 500 years and so can be counted on not to argue back or reverse their Mammy's car into his wheel arch. Not that I would ever do that. Obviously.